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Always a great resource and VERY friendly. Whether you are a new reptile collector or have been playing with them for years, you are always welcomed in the shop.

I have been in and seen folks ‘just looking’ and they are treated with the same courtesy and respect that the regulars are treated with. I personally refer all my friends to EEE for all their reptile needs.
Sean E. Smith

I went in to get a female dumbo rat and they were so nice and went and got every baby female dumbo for my daughter to pick from great customer service !!:) and healthy non-sneezing rats best place in Tucson

I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t been said about this amazing place. You can tell the staff is more concerned with the well being of the animals they have the privilege of sharing their space with than profit. I visited today and had a chance to speak with Lee. He not only answered any questions I had, but was super cool about it and brought up things I didn’t know to ask about. I bought a beautiful piece of cork wood to start my journey to dart frog ownership. I look forward to working with these awesome people throughout my project. Anyone who is serious about properly buying and maintaining an exotic would be doing themselves a disservice by not visiting this wonderland. I can’t stress enough how clean and well maintained the habitats are. No sad looking animals. Great work guys.
Dan Sanchez

Thank you! Beautiful shop and great customer service. I shall be sending any LA bio/herp/invert nerds your way when in Tucson!
Andrea Haberkern

As an inexperienced reptile owner, it was great to come to this place and get personalized service and much-needed advice. I just adopted a 7-year-old Beardie.
Layla Palacios Corral

This is the best reptile store in town! I’ve been going here for almost a year now because I love it so much. His prices are 1/3 what they are at the bigger stores and fresher. He makes sure the animals are sourced from reliable places and makes sure they go with what they need even if he takes a loss. We commissioned him to build out 2 bearded dragon tanks and he KILLED it. He was VERY fair with what he charged us. We would do it every time. Lee knows what all the animals need, and won’t send them with people with less than what the animal needs. You’re not making a mistake at all if you go here. If you have any questions about any of the animals, he can answer all the questions. Thanks for everything and we hope your business continues
Sky B.

I met the owner Lee today, he is an amazing person, and is passionate about what he does. His store is spotless, and I hate to even call it a pet store, but more of a collection of reptiles and amphibians housed in museum quality displays, which also happen to be for sale. His displays are great examples of great animal husbandry to his customers, he really practices what he preaches. Ever Evolving Exotics Is definitely my new favorite reptile supplier in the Tucson area. Looking forward to doing future business with them soon.
Mike Baker

Who knew a reptile shop could smell so clean! Also, the dart frog enclosures are fantastic. Great family own business! Stop by and check them out …Support your local businesses!
Nancy Jensen

This is the best shop in town for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts. Great selection of supplies. Staff is friendly and helpful and they actually care about the animals they have unlike the other shops in town. Clean tanks. Definitely, recommend.
Amanda Do’Urden

I would recommend this place to anyone who is just starting out with reptiles or a pro. Just got my first veiled chameleon and had some questions about the proper care, the owner answered all of my questions with a smile. Super personable and passionate about his business. To make it even better, prices are great as well and super competitive!!
Randy Feemster

Lee is fantastic, very knowledgeable, very willing to take the time to understand what you want and need. This is the only shop we will go to for all our reptile needs.
Ira Keeley

Very knowledgeable and friendly. Fast service. Fair prices. Clean store.
Angela S. Koenig

EEE is an amazing reptile shop!! This store has everything you need to keep your exotic pets happy and healthy. Unlike typical reptile shops, there’s not a foul stench hitting you once you walk in the door! The animals are well kept and healthy. Each enclosure has something unique about them. The owner creates frogs’ habitats like ripping a chunk of the Amazon into a terrarium (literally a living terrarium). The staff is also very knowledgeable. They carry an array of feeders and cool supplies. I highly recommend you visit this shop for all of your feeder and supply needs for your exotic pet!!
Eddie H.

Great prices, excellent customer service and a great place to go for advice.
Christopher Fimbres

Excellent shop, knowledgeable and friendly staff. I’m getting a vivarium setup and Lee had everything I need for supplies and very helpful advice and expertise. Soon my vivarium will be ready for some little dart frogs to inhabit and I will get them from EEE as well. Thanks, Lee!
Judy Muhlestein

Wanting to get a Bearded Dragon for my grandson (11 years old), my wife and I visited several pet stores to determine what we needed and the cost. My wife found EEE and we decided to visit that store. Within minutes of arriving, we knew that we were going to be doing business with them. The helpful knowledge of the staff, as well as the products, made us feel comfortable with our choice. They set us up with everything we needed, educated us on care and feeding of the Dragon as well as setting everything up and ready to be picked up just before Christmas. All of us are happy and doing well, even Frederick (the Bearded Dragon). Everything was even better than promised.
Mike Moore

Courteous and knowledgeable owner. Clean facility with beautiful animals: we will be regular customers for as long as we have reptiles! The vivariums are gorgeous- true artistry.
Kelba Louise

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